Key figures and results
The total experience of key team members exceeds 40 years of M&A practice.
the company was founded in 2015
1000+ companies
800+ investors worldwide
40+ completed projects
10 industries in which deals have been successfully closed
We try to understand the client's tasks, we focus on a personal approach, we use the accumulated experience of all team members
Pharma 17, technology 18, agriculture 2, finance 1, construction 2, electrotechnical equipment 1, trade/distribution 1, automotive components 1, machinery 1, transport 1
25 transactions within 2021 – 2023
One of the main assets is access to 1000+ financial and industry investors from all over the world. This helps to quickly raise capital for growth, find buyers for assets, create competition between them, and maximize the value of the asset being sold.
in various sectors of the economy where we have access at the shareholder level.
This allows us to quickly and efficiently purchase assets for our clients.