Bring to the transaction: how to attract investors to the pharmaceutical business

30 May, 2019 16:25

The way to prepare the pharmaceutical business for an investment deal, which documents to prepare and how long the process may take, said Alexander Lobakov, Managing Partner of the investment company Novus Capital


29 Apr, 2019 10:42

A consortium of investors, including the Russian Private Equity Fund (RPEF), the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund (RCIF) and a group of Middle Eastern funds, will obtain 28% in the pharmaceutical enterprise Obolenskoe. The cost of the transaction will exceed 4 billion rubles.

Winners of Platinum Ounce 2018 got awards

23 Apr, 2019 10:56

The results of the nineteenth season of the All-Russian Open Competition of Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals “Platinum Ounce” were summed up at the award ceremony.

Vecheryaya Moskva. Vecherka TV.

12 Apr, 2019 10:11

Interview of Aleksandr Lobakov


Preview: "round table" "M & A: trends, events, prospects"

05 Apr, 2019 11:43

On May 14, in terms of the 25th Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, a round table “M & A: trends, events, prospects” will be held. During the discussion insights in the most significant M & A deals closed in 2018 will be disclosed.

One’s own medicine. The share of domestic manufacturers is increasing in the pharmaceutical market

26 Mar, 2019 10:44

The share of domestic pharmaceutical companies in the Russian market reached 30 percent, as  the study of the investment company Novus Capital shows. The total volume of the pharmaceutical market reached 930 billion rubles in 2018.

Ukrainian company is trying to deprive Russia of popular medicine

19 Mar, 2019 10:48

Since 2016 Ukrainian company Kreoma Pharm has filed lawsuits against Russian company TNK Silma, accusing it of violating patent and copyright rights for pharmaceutical product Enterosgel, reported the press release  sent to Izvestia.

“Dust has settled”: interest of investors in Russia is growing steadily

12 Mar, 2019 09:33

The Russian economy is being diversified, many industries are localized

In general the nominal quantity of investors in Russia has not decreased, but the real number of transactions dropped last year. This is primarily due to the economic situation in Russia, particularly in relation to its perspective, said to a REGNUM correspondent Alexander Lobakov, managing partner of Novus Capital.


The fund with the participation of R-Pharm sold the developer of botulinum toxin to Allergan company

21 Sep, 2018 10:40

The Fund RBV Capital, created with the participation of RVC and R-Pharm, will receive up to 10% of the sale of the Irish Allergan to the American company Bonti. The initial payment will amount to $ 195 million, under certain conditions additional payments may follow.

BIOCAD and SPH Agree to Build a Drug Substance Manufacturing Facility in China

13 Sep, 2018 13:22

BIOCAD and SPH Agree to Build a Drug Substance Manufacturing Facility in China

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This year at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, BioCad and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holding entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to create two joint ventures for production, clinical development, registration, and marketing of several high-cost medicines based on monoclonal antibodies in the People's Republic of China.