Gilead localizes the production of medicines for HIV and hepatitis C on Pharmstandard facilities

04 Sep, 2018 11:18

Gilead Sciences has concluded an agreement on the production of Sovaldi (sophosbuvir) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C and Truvada (tenofovir + emmitcytabin) for the treatment of the HIV on Pharmstandard facilities. The issue of inclusion of drugs in EDL list will be considered by the specialized commission of the Ministry of Health on September 4.

According to Gilead Sciences, the first shipment of Sovaldi and Truvada will be launched the market in 2019.

Sovaldi is the most expensive drug for hepatitis C. In Russia the maximum prices for both drugs are not fixed. According to the Treatment Preparedness Coalition, the average weighted cost of a Sovaldy package is 222.2 thousand rubles per package (28 pcs of 400 mg), Truvala (30 pcs of 300 mg + 200 mg) costs about 12 thousand rubles.

The issue of the inclusion of sofosbuvir and tenofovir + emmitcytabin in EDL list will be considered by the commission of the Ministry of Health on September 4, 2018. Treatment Preparedness Coalition has already addressed the Minister of Health Veronica Skvortsova with arguments for inclusion in the list of Sovaldi.

Both drugs are patented in Russia. But Biocad has developed and registered the analogue of Truvada - Dablovir. Attempts of the company to collapse the Eurasian patent Gilead for the drug have failed. Pharm-sintez has partially managed to overcome the patent protection of Sovaldi. Analogues of the drug have not been registered in Russia, but "Generic Pharmaceuticals", "Nativa" and " Technology of Medicines" (included in "R-Pharm") work on generics.

Recently, Pharmstandard began co-operating with Viriom, which has developed the drug from HIV Elpida (elsulfavirin).