In 2017, 65.4% of pharmaceuticals sold by pharmacies accounted for generics

11 Apr, 2018 11:01

The popularity of generics on the commercial pharmacy market in Russia is growing every year. According to the analytical company DSM Group, in 2017, 4.4 billion packages of generics for the amount of about 615.3 billion rubles were sold through pharmacy chains. IIn 2017, 65.4% of pharmaceuticals sold by pharmacies accounted for generics. Within a year sales in terms of value increased by 8.3%, as a result generics increased their market share by 1.1%.

The increase in the share of generics in packages is less noticeable (+ 0.5%), but their prevalence over original pharmaceuticals is significant: 86.2% of consumer demand in accounts for generics. The greatest popularity  generics have gained in the market of hormonal drugs for systemic use (excluding reproductive hormones) - their share in this group is 99.7%.

"It should be noted that according to the results of 2017, 36.5% of generic pharma products purchased at the pharmacy, are of domestic production. In 2016, the rate was 35.7%, which demonstrates positive dynamics and may be indicative of the effectiveness of the import substitution program, "- summarizes the CEO of DSM Group Sergey Shulyak.